A complete list of Black Sun Lit / Vestiges contributors.


Lindsay Remee Ahl: Five Poems (Vestiges_03)

Roberta AllenExcerpts from In This Room

Kendra BartellOn My Leaving All This

Charles Baudelaire: Excerpts from My Heart Laid Bare [translated from French by Rainer J. Hanshe]

Brad Baumgartner: Meditations of Libby Grenot (Love’s Patience) (Vestiges_02)

Daniele Bellomi: novae [translated from Italian by Anton Ivanov] (Vestiges_00)

Louise Black: Ag from To Openly Conceal (Vestiges_00)

Gabriel Blackwell: A Field in Winter (Vestiges_00); Fathers and Sons (Vestiges_03)

Donald Breckenridge: Crosstown; Gates Avenue (Vestiges_02)

Bridget Brewer: Pear of Anguish

James Brubaker: Songs About Women (Vestiges_00)

Eva Bujalka: Ossuarius

Andrew Cantrell: Five Poems (Vestiges_03)

Mauro Javier Cardenas: Antonio Returns to Guayaquil from The Revolutionaries Try Again (Vestiges_00)

Ryan Chang: Permission (Vestiges_00)

Jimmy Chen: Dark Chamber

Andrei Codrescu: Did The Mute Lose Something? (Vestiges_03)

Patty Yumi Cottrell: The Forest of Tnak (Vestiges_02)

Iris Cushing: Five Poems (Vestiges_03)

Susan Daitch: As We Talked, Other Mutants Began to Appear (Vestiges_03)

Ashley David: Four Poems (Vestiges_02)

Lou Pam Dick: Excerpt from Coil (Vestiges_03)

Colin Dodds: Two Poems

Ted Dodson: Five Poems (Vestiges_03)

Helmut Dosantos: Southern Atoll: a collage of words from the thoughts of others; Everyman Man (Vestiges_02)

Ian Dreiblatt: Fragments from ill ibid (Vestiges_02)

Derick Dupre: Valletta Sunset; Fentanyl Honeymoon (Vestiges_03)

Tony Duvert: Metro from District [translated from French by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier]

Berit Ellingsen: Summer Dusk, Winter Moon; Nordaustlandet (Vestiges_02)

Jared Daniel Fagen: If I Were Braver I Would Live the Life of an Outlaw: An Interview With Evelyn Hampton

Ennio Flaiano: The Second to Last Supper [translated from Italian by Anton Ivanov] (Vestiges_02)

Erin Fleming: Two Stories (Vestiges_00); A Frenzy to the End

Tristan Foster: HellholeOur Hero Explains (Vestiges_00)

Daniel James Fraser: Shopping (Vestiges_02)

Róbert Gál: Fragments from Naked Thoughts [translated from Slovak by Michaela Freeman] (Vestiges _00)

Armando Jaramillo Garcia: The Appetite Enormous

Frank Garrett: Saying Celan in Silence; The Passion of Passivity: Blanchot, Bartleby, and the Ethics of Writing (Vestiges_02)

Adam Golaski: Two Poems (Vestiges_02)

Ivonne Gordon: Three Poems [translated from Spanish by Cindy Rinne]

Adam Greenberg: Excerpts from Gaps in the Chase (Vestiges_03)

Rav Grewal-Kök: The Free Brutalists

Janalyn Guo: The Cave Solution

Evelyn Hampton: Door from M; Three Stories (Vestiges_00); If I Were Braver I Would Live the Life of an Outlaw: An Interview With Evelyn Hampton

Stacy Hardy: An Archaeology of Holes

Barbara Harroun: Blood Poppies

Sharron Hass: Three Poems [translated from Hebrew by Tsipi Keller]

Tom Haviv: Excerpts from Island

Chelsea Hogue: Hi, I’m Carter

Scott Jacobslacrimosa

Matthew JakubowskiA Thousand Lives

Laura Ellen Joyce: Saints from The Luminol Reels

K. Thomas Kahn: Two Poems; Three Poems (Vestiges_02)

Paul Kavanagh: Mundane Cruelty; Journey (Vestiges_02)

Tsipi Keller: Dots on the Horizon (Vestiges_03)

Lital Khaikin: ВѢДѢТИ from Outplace (Vestiges_02)

Sean Kilpatrick: Lessons

M Kitchell: Dark Topography (Vestiges_00)

Jesse Kohn: Preface (Vestiges_02)

Sam Kriss: Art, Money, Beauty, Shit, Representation, the Communal; The Decomposition of Emily Beatenwood (Vestiges_00)

Meghan Lamb: Inventory (Vestiges_02)

Jonathan Larson: Four Sonnets (Vestiges_02)

Evan Lavender-Smith: The Cliff’s Edge (Vestiges_02)

Harry Leeds: Don’t Let This Happen to You 

Eugene Lim: Inspector Tate from Dear Cyborgs (Vestiges_02)

Adam Lovasz: The Promise of Carelessness (Vestiges_02)

Robert Lunday: Fragments from Gnome (Vestiges_00); Gnome (BSL003)

Stéphane Mallarmé: A Roll of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance [translated from French by Jacob Siefring] (Vestiges_00)

Tony Mancus: Four Poems from Heartbroker (Vestiges_03)

Courtney Marie: Two Poems

Nicola Masciandaro: I Am Not Supposed To Be Here: Birth and Mystical Detection; Dark Wounds of Light (Vestiges_00)

André Masson: Acéphale or the Initiatory Illusion: Paule Thévenin and André Masson [translated from French by Rainer J. Hanshe]

Friederike Mayröcker: Fragments from Fleurs [translated from German by Jonathan Larson] (Vestiges_02)

Virginia McLure: Three Poems

Adam McOmber: Sleep and Death (Vestiges_02); Pan and Hook (Vestiges_03)

Elizabeth Mikesch: NeuroticromanticAntarctica: A Manifestacide (Vestiges_00)

Katy Mongeau: Two Texts

Iris Moulton: Dalalæða; The First Step Is to Always Be Aware (Vestiges_02)

Greg Mulcahy: WINTERHATE; Art Show (Vestiges_03)

Vi Khi Nao: Two Poems (Vestiges_03); Sheep Machine (BSL006)

Elliott Niblock: Three Poems (Vestiges_02)

Marcus Berian Nicholls: Three Poems

Rebecca Norton: Hot Mess: Breaking the Skin; Hot Mess: Teasing in the Skin (Vestiges_00)

Brian Oliu: Hulk Hogan Comes to Tuscaloosa

Geoffrey Olsen: Excerpt from Their Inextricable Condition (Vestiges_03)

Daniel Owen: Five Poems from Lawn I’ve Ever Said Disconsolately (Vestiges_03)

Yarrow Paisley: Daffodil In Ecstasy (Vestiges_00)

David Peak: The Event Still to Come

Douglas Piccinnini: The Teaser of a Full Year of Yesterday’s Life

Andrei Platonov: Life to the End [translated from Russian by Emily Laskin] (Vestiges_00)

Alina Popa: Dark Wounds of Light (Vestiges_00)

Alexis Pope: Four Poems (Vestiges_03)

Daniel Poppick: Three Poems (Vestiges_03)

Ali Power: Never Change

Tom Regel: On the Target of Destruction (Vestiges_00)

Benjamin K. Rice: Cognoscenti in a Room Hung with Pictures

Johannah Rodgers: Brenda

Camilo Roldán: XIV from Lassoer

Forrest Roth: Your Famous Sister Walking Through a Plate-Glass Door at the Gehry Museum If It Existed; As a Social Worker, With Your Keatsian Flair (Vestiges_00); A Senile Lucifer

Fortunato Salazar: Porn

Kit Schluter: Three Cartoons

Matt Schumacher: A Missing Suspiria de Profundis

Victor Segalen: A Great River [translated from French by Jonathan Larson] (Vestiges_03)

Steven Seidenberg: Two Texts (Vestiges_03); Situ (BSL005)

Pierre Senges: A Slightly Vain Exercise in Style [translated from French by Jacob Siefring] (Vestiges_02)

Kyra Simone: The Mirror (Vestiges_03)

Scherezade Siobhan: camera obscura

Erin Slaughter: In Which She Is Unbuttoned By Absence & He Is His Own Apartment Building (Vestiges_03)

Haley Hemenway Sledge: Two Poems; Two Girls (Vestiges_02)

Philippe Sollers: Nature vs. Fertility, God vs. Science from The Secret [translated from French by Armine Kotin Mortimer]

Laurie Stone: Paris; Twelve (Vestiges_03)

George SzirtesThe Thirties; Variations In Which She Invents HerselfFour Poems (Vestiges_00)

Paule Thévenin: Acéphale or the Initiatory Illusion: Paule Thévenin and André Masson [translated from French by Rainer J. Hanshe]

Matt Trease: Five Poems from bailiwick \ BAY-luh-wik \, noun (Vestiges_02)

John Trefry: Mummy from Apparitions of the Living (Vestiges_02)

Colin James Torre: On the Position of the Shadow Line (Vestiges_00)

Michel Vachey: The Mass [translated from French by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier] (Vestiges_03)

Chaulky WhiteFishtailing to Plateau (Proteus) from SSES” ‘SSES” “SSEY’ (Vestiges_00)

Engram Wilkinson: EEG

Nagae Yūki: Three Poems [translated from Japanese by Jordan A. Y. Smith] (Vestiges_03)

Marina Yuszczuk: Excerpts from Single Mother [translated from Spanish by Alexis Almeida] (Vestiges_03)