Vestiges_02: Ennui {boredom as a luxury} will feature work from:

Brad Baumgartner, Donald Breckenridge, Patty Yumi Cottrell, Ashley David, Helmut Dosantos, Ian Dreiblatt, Berit Ellingsen, Ennio Flaiano (translated from Italian by Anton Ivanov), Daniel James Fraser, Frank Garrett, Adam Golaski, K. Thomas Kahn, Paul Kavanagh, Lital Khaikin, Jesse Kohn, Meghan Lamb, Jonathan Larson, Evan Lavender-Smith, Eugene Lim, Adam Lovasz, Friederike Mayröcker (translated from German by Jonathan Larson), Adam McOmber, Iris Moulton, Elliott Niblock, Pierre Senges (translated from French by Jacob Siefring), Haley Hemenway Sledge, Matt Trease, John Trefry

The volume is scheduled to be released this summer. For additional announcements about the issue, including previews and purchasing information, subscribe to our mailing list.

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