Excerpts from When the Ground Would Break by Emmalea Russo

We hold hands but I know this shouldn’t be the way our bodies interact. I refer to him using terms of endearment—baby, babe, hun, sweetie. The two of us are confused about this. But our hands keep clutching. Life will be a series of sites and non-sites, I think. It will go on and on... Read More

Always Crashing, Barrelhouse, Grimoire & Black Sun Lit AWP Offsite Reading at C.1949

Thursday, March 8, 2018, 5 PM: Always Crashing, Barrelhouse, Grimoire & Black Sun Lit present an AWP offsite reading, featuring Elise Blackwell, Gabriel Blackwell, Dan Brady, Emily Corwin, Andy Farkas, Erin Fleming, Virginia Konchan, Evan Lavender-Smith, Michael Martone, Vi Khi Nao & Chris Tonelli... Read More

Introducing Sheep Machine by Vi Khi Nao, forthcoming June 27, 2018

Preorders for Vi Khi Nao’s Sheep Machine are now available. A limited edition of 30 signed and numbered copies, with alternate cover design, will be for sale from Black Sun Lit at the 2018 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Tampa, FL from March 7–10, 2018, at table T1921... Read More

The Free Brutalists by Rav Grewal-Kök

Waverly read the drafts of Borg-Olivier’s chapters as soon as he finished them. Often she wept. One late-winter night in Borg-Olivier’s apartment, as snow fell gently outside onto the silent street, she told him it was as if he were writing the novel for her alone... Read More

Cognoscenti in a Room Hung with Pictures by Benjamin K. Rice

The cruelty of an image is that it excites us toward an anticipation that it can’t fulfill. It gives by taking away. Though, when Cotán gives me an image of fruit, he does not take away from me any particular instance of pear or pomegranate—instead, he takes away the whole idea of fruit... Read More

Introducing Situ by Steven Seidenberg, forthcoming March 13, 2018

Preorders for Steven Seidenberg’s Situ are now available. Black Sun Lit will also have advance copies for sale at the 2018 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Tampa, FL, March 7–10, at table T1921... Read More

Editor’s Note: Vestiges_03: Mimesis

Reflect upon the frond and in so doing neglect the fern. Write its veins, the stains, its gloss; ponder with inaccuracy its divisive parts. Writing is autumn’s discoloration, the experience and expression of wilting. Only stems are left. Imitate and discover what’s not there any longer... Read More

Excerpt from Coil by Lou Pam Dick

If to start one step ahead, wrong step, the nix is a beginning. I wore my stairs around my neck, therefore I choke. Please be legible. What time is it? The door keeps opening. My protector gets all wet. I shout, I am my bodyguard! I whisper it inside me. Bare the neck of the... Read More

Five Poems by Ted Dodson

I would look away / Into the room’s silent reception / But as my character recedes I tire of looking at all. / The world has ended. Your resurrection eyes / Come across this second to last line—you / Can be assured I have read this already... Read More

Five Poems by Lindsay Remee Ahl

what seemed solid, the brick building we lived in, / the street corner I waited on to hold my child’s hand— / vanished in a breath / night all around, rain falling, I hear a crack— / a tree plummets to the road right before me / but I’m still standing as though / all... Read More

Vestiges_03: Mimesis Cover & Contributors Preview

Vestiges_03: Mimesis will feature work from Susan Daitch, Andrei Codrescu, Victor Segalen, Vi Khi Nao, Daniel Poppick, Lindsay Remee Ahl, Ted Dodson, Iris Marble Cushing, Greg Mulcahy, Gabriel Blackwell, Tony Mancus, Laurie Stone, Adam McOmber, Daniel Owen, Kyra Simone +more... Read More

A Frenzy to the End by Erin Fleming

I walked down the street as it spiraled, ever tighter, ever darker, never reaching its center, until I was in complete black and traced my hand on the wall that lined my path. I felt that I was walking into the center of an enormous shell. Experience—biting; earth—taught me that something waited at the center... Read More