A Senile Lucifer by Forrest Roth

I am spoken by having. I am kept by saying. I am laughing. A thing less by one witness, no longer keeping my company. Who has moved on far from without, without a cause to take with. I keep the thing. I wit the thingness, as in now, should one take offense to my laughing... Read More

Your Famous Sister Walking Through a Plate-Glass Door at the Gehry Museum If It Existed by Forrest Roth

I distrust people, everyone in this city, those who speak in the anecdotal. Yes I know you did something. We all did. And we all know each other. We know your famous sister, and you and her were, like, aberrant: seeming to cause willful self-injury and thus a seething insult... Read More

Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis Cover & Contributors Preview

Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis will feature work from Andrei Platonov, Róbert Gál, Louise Black, James Brubaker, Ryan Chang, Tristan Foster, Evelyn Hampton, Sam Kriss, Robert Lunday, Nicola Masciandaro, Rebecca Norton, Alina Popa, Forrest Roth, George Szirtes, Chaulky White +more... Read More