Vestiges_03: Mimesis Cover & Contributors Preview

Vestiges_03: Mimesis will feature work from Susan Daitch, Andrei Codrescu, Victor Segalen, Vi Khi Nao, Daniel Poppick, Lindsay Remee Ahl, Ted Dodson, Iris Marble Cushing, Greg Mulcahy, Gabriel Blackwell, Tony Mancus, Laurie Stone, Adam McOmber, Daniel Owen, Kyra Simone +more... Read More

Valletta Sunset by Derick Dupre

In the Maltese sun shone the catseye cabochon that you donned in moods of absent solace. Beach stones loosened under our shoes, heelground obsidian at the onset of noon. We were enclosed in an ellipse of longing with evershrinking axes... Read More