Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis Cover & Contributors Preview

Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis will feature work from Andrei Platonov, Róbert Gál, Louise Black, James Brubaker, Ryan Chang, Tristan Foster, Evelyn Hampton, Sam Kriss, Robert Lunday, Nicola Masciandaro, Rebecca Norton, Alina Popa, Forrest Roth, George Szirtes, Chaulky White +more... Read More

The Thirties by George Szirtes

It was the Thirties once again. Shop doors / opened on hunger and long queues for soup, / the poor, clothed by the same half-empty stores, / stood round in doorways in a ragged group; / the unemployed were drunk in railway stations, / rumours of war played on a constant loop... Read More