If I Were Braver I Would Live the Life of an Outlaw: An Interview With Evelyn Hampton

What I’m pursuing are moments of being able to articulate as clearly as my voice will allow how it is to be inside a human body and unable, most of the time, to communicate what it’s really like to be inside a human body. I long to feel connected to something bigger than the limits... Read More

Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis Cover & Contributors Preview

Vestiges_00: Ex-Stasis will feature work from Andrei Platonov, Róbert Gál, Louise Black, James Brubaker, Ryan Chang, Tristan Foster, Evelyn Hampton, Sam Kriss, Robert Lunday, Nicola Masciandaro, Rebecca Norton, Alina Popa, Forrest Roth, George Szirtes, Chaulky White +more... Read More

Door by Evelyn Hampton

The path ended a little after darkness had settled over everything.         “This is where I end, too,” Toby Douglas said. “I’ll leave you, and you’ll go on alone. Keep going until you reach a door—it’s inevitable that you will. Everyone I bring over the ridge eventually reaches it. When you get to the door, knock. Then... Read More

Come April

Come April, we will begin releasing carefully selected prose, verse, and essay on blacksunlit.com, commencing with an excerpt from Evelyn Hampton’s M, a novel in progress. This series is intended to collect bits of much larger voices. It will showcase a wide spectrum of narrative and conceptual approaches: It will become a space that contains... Read More