Black Sun Lit is a print and digital literary press that endeavors to introduce, promote, and support both emerging and experienced authors whose work has little representation—or minimal exposure—in a reading world largely governed by commercial publishing.

We understand that today’s principal task for a publisher should be to act as a gatekeeper between readers and writers by carefully selecting which works to offer and by giving readers every instrument to access them. To do so, we decided to revive the forgotten custom of a publisher guided only by a well-defined canon. Our ambition is to publish works that harken to the complex traditions of decadentism, symbolism, modernism, surrealism, or the nouveau roman—among other innovative literary movements—and compile them so that single voices are not floating alone but gathered into a corpus in which a reader can find a commonality of intents.

At Black Sun Lit we want to free ourselves from the constraints of a book market that has slowly homogenized and trivialized the availability of literary offerings. Therefore, our mission as a publisher is not to entertain. Instead, we strive to publish works directed toward a few discerning readers who are eager for a certain breed of literature that does not need to justify itself through the concepts of utility or morality. While we care deeply about our audience, we would like our contributors to be bold and less concerned with their potential public.

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