Vestiges_03: Mimesis {reflection as an image of loss} will feature work from:

Lindsay Remee Ahl, Gabriel Blackwell, Andrew Cantrell, Andrei Codrescu, Iris Cushing, Susan Daitch, Lou Pam Dick, Ted Dodson, Derick Dupre, Adam Greenberg, Tsipi Keller, Tony Mancus, Adam McOmber, Greg Mulcahy, Vi Khi Nao, Geoffrey Olsen, Daniel Owen, Alexis Pope, Daniel Poppick, Victor Segalen (translated from French by Jonathan Larson), Steven Seidenberg, Kyra Simone, Erin Slaughter, Laurie Stone, Michel Vachey (translated from French by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier), Nagae Yūki (translated from Japanese by Jordan A. Y. Smith), Marina Yuszczuk (translated from Spanish by Alexis Almeida)

The volume will be available for purchase December 2017, with exclusive online previews running on throughout October and November. Subscribe to the BSL mailing list to receive updates and additional announcements about the issue.

Cover illustration: Affine 1 by Rebecca Norton

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